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Please post or email the form as per the instructions further down the page.

Join the Scots Dumpy Club:

To join the club, please open or download the form below:

Application Form

Please complete all the fields on the form that apply, and then either:

Print out and post with your payment to our Club Secretary,


Save, and attach in an email to our Club Secretary, making payment by BACS using the details shown on the form. If your device is already set up with a suitable 'default email client' such as Microsoft Outlook, you should only need to click/tap the Secretary's email address on the form itself to begin your new email.

Details of our Club Secretary, Mr. M. J. Roynon, are as follows:

Address :

Ty-Richard Jones farm,
NP11 5BN

Email :

Annual membership is just £7.50. Payment can be made by cheque, BACS or Postal Order.
Cheques should be made payable to ‘The Scots Dumpy Club’.

If using BACS, be sure to enter your surname (particularly if the bank account used for your payment is not in your name, such as a business name for example) together with, in particular, your full postcode as “reference”   If you are outside the UK, please include your Country name in place of postcode

(As an example, using our Secretary's details above, the "reference" would be "Roynon NP11 5BN").

To simply renew your membership without updating any details, simply pay by any of the above methods (quoting surname and postcode if using BACS, as demonstrated above).